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Our experienced team of chiropractors provides Greeley, Colorado with the very best in chiropractic care. Our team is experienced in helping correct issues within the spine to get our Greeley CO community back to optimal health. The staff at Rev Chiropractic makes your health a priority and cares about each individuals outcome.

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Chiropractor Greeley CO Tyler Terry


Dr. Tyler Terry D.C.

Dr. Tyler Terry, a chiropractor born in Greeley, is excited to share the benefits of chiropractic care with the community. Growing up in his father's chiropractic office, he developed a deep appreciation for natural wellness.

With a strong commitment to educating people and a functional understanding of the body from his collegiate athletic background, Dr. Terry is dedicated to helping patients achieve their best health.

Chiropractor Greeley CO Hailey Hirata


Dr. Hailey Hirata D.C.

Dr. Hailey Hirata is a dedicated chiropractor with a strong passion for improving people's lives through the art of the chiropractic adjustment. With a background in massage therapy, she possesses a unique understanding of the human body, enabling her to provide comprehensive care.

Driven by a genuine commitment to the well-being of the Greeley community, she strives to enhance health and foster a sense of wellness in every individual.

She is deeply passionate about empowering individuals to recognize the incredible potential of their bodies. She's on a mission to educate and inspire people, helping them understand that their bodies are capable of achieving amazing feats and maintaining optimal health.

Chiropractic Greeley CO Yasenia Meet the Team

Chiropractic Assistant


Yasenia has been a CO native for 10 years and her favorite pastime is being in the states beautiful outdoors. Being able to serve the community has always been one of her greatest passions. Coming from a family of medical professionals, Yasenia has always wanted to find a career in helping others.

However, she never knew what that looked like for her. After having the opportunity to work as an assistant with Rev Chiropractic she has been able to see the life changing experiences people have had by beginning chiropractic care and being proactive about their health. Her love for chiropractic grew more with every new story! Yasenia is currently studying and has plans to transfer to a chiropractic college where she will follow her path of becoming a chiropractor, helping as many people, from all different backgrounds, live a better quality of life!

Chiropractic Greeley CO Jordan Meet the Team

Chiropractic Assistant


Jordan is a certified nutritional therapy practitioner with a deep passion for understanding the intricacies of food and health. Her life journey has taken her from cheering for the Vols to the vibrant streets of Peru, where she immersed herself in the culture and became fluent in Spanish.

She's also a loving mother to a beautiful three-year-old daughter, balancing her career with the joys of motherhood. In her free time, Jordan shares her adventurous spirit with her daughter from the Rocky Mountains to the beaches in Peru. Jordan's commitment to holistic well-being extends to her love for chiropractic care, making it an integral part of her journey, a testament to her unwavering dedication, a love for cultural exploration, and a commitment to personal and professional growth.

Chiropractic Greeley CO Mae Meet the Team


Mae is a lovable and energetic canine companion, a delightful mix of Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog. She thrives on social interaction and adores making her way into the office, where she brings cheer to everyone by enthusiastically saying hello.

With her endearing wagging tail and boundless enthusiasm, she embodies the true spirit of man's best friend. Mae's days are filled with adventure, whether it's chasing tennis balls in the park, going on long walks, or spreading smiles at the office. Her warm, expressive eyes and unwavering loyalty make her a cherished member of the family, bringing joy and laughter to each and every day. Mae is a reminder that the simplest things in life, like a dog's love and companionship, can bring immeasurable happiness to our lives.


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